Here I will post you some of my previous articles that I was the author .They describe a lot of my views .

In addition to that , I post many video presentations in order all of you not to be bored .

Here we go …Just click on the hyperlink .

Soccer Tactics-Top Managers

Training is the key of success

Tactic’s playbook

Tutorial for Formations

Tactics and Tips

Pellegrini Secret Tactics(

How to play 4-3-3(

Barcelona’s 4-3-3(

Constructing 4-3-3(

How to play 4-2-3-1

How to play 4-4-2 Diamond(

Basics of 4-4-2(

Constructing 4-1-4-1

Playing 4-1-3-2

How to play 3-5-2(

Variations of 4-2-3-1

General views about tactics

My philosophy in tactics

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