Tactical Playbook

FM Boss is the only FM site around the net who gives free material without any registration .

All the material in FM Boss is completely free and open to everybody .We simply dont put any restriction and we never

stop people from reposting or republishing our material .We consider every reproducement of our material a honor and not

a blame .We encourage you to reproduce and to share all the material of FM Boss .We also encourage you to add your

ideas and your suggestions to our site in order to help FM Boss to be even greater .We have create recently a playbook

of FM Boss Tactics .Redistribute it and share it as much as you can .We consider it a privillege 🙂

FM Boss Tactical Playbook

2 thoughts on “Tactical Playbook”

  1. Hi!

    I downloaded the ricardo_gareca tactic and when i use it, it appears a “c” by its name and i cannot change nothing. also, there are some arrows on the players that i cannot create on a normal tactic. has it been created on a version previous to fm12? thx…

    1. You can remove the arrows by unclicking them .As for this “c” it means that this is your main tactic .You can alternate your tactics by clicking the arrow button in the tactical panel .This arrow looks like ” > ” .Dont worry ,it happens when you are not fammiliar with tactical panels ,just get used to it by working harder.Thanks for your notice .

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